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Training for Success

You Can Still Enrol  Coalisland Training Services are recruiting for the Training For Success programme (16-17 year olds). All CTS trainees receive £40 Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) each week, are entitled to paid holidays and can get help with travelling expenses. All courses are available at Level 1 and Level 2 £360 bonuses also paid throughout training period. Outdoor Pursuit activities including Bouldering, Todd’s Leap, Kayaking, Go-Karting, camping, etc. CTS can help you find a placement. CTS will also provide additional courses to prepare you for the world of work, i.e. I.C.T, CSR, First-Aid, Food Safety, Health & Safety, etc. Training will take place in CTS and also out on placement with an employer. NO kits or equipment have to be purchased. Childcare allowances may be paid depending on individual circumstances. Remember that these courses are the same no matter which provider you attend. Parent/Guardian Benefits and Child Tax Credits will not be affected.

CTS Areas Offered

CTS offer the following areas: Health & Social Care (Needed for working in Nursing or Residential Home) Child Care (Needed for working in Playgroup / Primary School or Nursery) Wood Occupations (Joinery) Hairdressing Trowel Occupations (Bricklaying) If you are considering a career in any of these, or are unsure of what to do, contact CTS and arrange an appointment to discuss your options now. There will also be a DEL Careers Officer available who can give you further independent advice on any course you may be interested in. The above courses are all available at Level 1 & Level 2 CTS can help you find a placement CTS will also provide additional courses to prepare you for the world of work i.e., Essential Skills, ICT, CSR, First Aid,            Food Safety, Health & Safety, Personal & Social Development, Outdoor pursuits, etc. Training will take place in CTS and also out on placement with an employer £40 training allowance & help with travelling expenses and this will not affect Benefits / Child Tax Credits

What you will learn with Training for Success

The programme guarantees training up to 104 weeks (156 weeks for those with a disability) to help you gain the recognised skills and qualifications to help you progress in your chosen career. Training for Success is delivered across four strands: Skills for Work Level 1 Skills for Work Level 2 Skills for Work Level 3 Skills for Work Level 1 and 2 will help you gain skills and vocationally related qualifications to be able to gain employment or progress to the next level of training provision or to further education. Skills for Work Level 3 will help you work towards the achievement of level 3 qualifications. This is aimed at those who have gained a level 2 qualification through Training for Success, have not yet secured paid employment
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